30th Mar 2020

3 apps to help women stay active during c-19

Amie Mills

By Get Active, in partnership with the Sport Tech Hub

While the gender gap is closing, research by Sport England indicates that men are still more likely than women to follow an active lifestyle. The barriers to women’s involvement in physical activity and sport are numerous and complex – and undoubtedly, with everyone staying at home due to the covid-19 outbreak, physical activity is more important than ever. 

Working in partnership with the Sport Tech Hub, we have compiled a range of free/freemium solutions that can help you get more active, manage your health or combat social isolation – check them out below! 



Baby2Body provides personalised wellness, home workouts and nutrition plans through trying to conceive, pregnancy and motherhood.

The app also promotes mindfulness, beauty and fashion tips to make sure that you have the confidence to feel and look your best! 
Expecting mums can also find information on how to keep your little one healthy and happy. 
What do we like about this app? 
This app is great for mums who are unsure of safe exercises to do throughout each trimester; the forum also provides you with opportunities to chat and get advice from fellow users of the app, which can be really reassuring for first-time mums! 
Baby2Body offer a free one week trial. New workouts and features available!

Image taken from the Baby2Body website.

Image taken from the Wild.AI website.


Wild.AI is the training app designed for your body. The app helps women build their underlying immune system, providing knowledge and support to enable women to perform at their best – based on their menstrual cycle. 

What do we like about this app? 

Two words: period power. Using data and physiology, this app supports and empowers women during training to even the playing field – whats not to love?


Sign up on www.wild.ai and access workouts specific for women via the app



Sign up via their website.


Her Spirit

Her Spirit is a community for women to come together to find a healthier and happier self.  The app offers flexible and achievable eating (Fuel), exercising (Body) and whole ‘spirit’ (Mind) lifestyle solutions to suit each woman. 

The personalised coaching app offers online groups and Frightened to Fearless challenges to help you achieve your goals, structured training plans and flexible coaching support. 

What do we like about this app?

As the saying goes, ‘we are more powerful when we empower each other’ – and that’s what Her Spirit offers. From sharing stories to content on how to live a happier life, this app provides a real sense of community and keeps you motivated with like-minded women. 


Full access to the Her Spirit App (normally Premium) until the 30th of June.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android


Image taken from the Her Spirit website.

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The Sport Tech Hub have been working with health, sport and fitness industry leaders to collate a range of technological solutions to help people keep active during the coronavirus pandemic.  

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