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Publishing activity sessions to OpenActive can have several benefits:

Increased Visibility: By publishing activity sessions on OpenActive, you make them accessible to a wider audience, including potential participants who use OpenActive’s platform to discover and book activities.

Greater Engagement: OpenActive provides tools for engaging with your community, enabling you to connect with people interested in your activities, gather feedback, and build a loyal customer base.

Data Standardisation: OpenActive uses standardised data formats, making it easier for your organisation to manage and share activity information consistently across various platforms and channels.

Improved Discoverability: Your activities become more discoverable through search engines and other data aggregators, enhancing their visibility in online searches.

Enhanced Collaboration: OpenActive fosters collaboration between organisations, allowing you to share and promote each other’s activities, which can lead to cross-promotion and increased participation.

Want to add a session?

If you are an activity provider, please visit the Open Sessions website to upload your sessions.

All activities uploaded are discoverable by the thousands of people that search Get Active every month.

Free To Use

Open Sessions is complete free to use.

You can list as many activities, sessions or classes as you like.

These sessions will then appear on 100’s of activity focused websites around the UK

Have sessions happening every week? You can schedule these sessions in for up to a a year in advance.

Get rid of messy management and constantly having to post and update your sessions


£ Free / lifetime
  • Unlimited sessions/classes
  • Countrywide Visibility
  • Reach thousands of potential participants
  • Session Duplicator
  • Repeating Sessions

Accessibility: OpenActive’s data standards ensure that your activity information is accessible to people with different abilities and across various devices and platforms, making it more inclusive.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The data collected through OpenActive can help you make informed decisions about which activities are most popular, allowing you to tailor your offerings to meet community needs.

Integration Opportunities: You can integrate OpenActive data into your own systems or website, creating a seamless experience for participants who want to book your activities.

Cost Savings: By leveraging London Sport’s Open Session tools and infrastructure, you can reduce the costs associated with developing and maintaining your own activity listing platform.

Compliance and Future-Proofing: Participating in OpenActive ensures that your organisation stays compliant with emerging data standards and technology trends, keeping you ahead of the curve in the fitness and activity industry.

Overall, publishing activity sessions to Open Sessions can help you reach a wider audience, improve engagement, and streamline class/session management while staying aligned with Sport England standards and best practices.

Have more than 10 sessions to add?

Why not try our bulk uploader.

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All activities uploaded are discoverable by the thousands of people that search Get Active every month.

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Overall, getting active in Lewisham can offer a wealth of benefits, both physical and mental.

With so many opportunities to get involved in sports and fitness activities, there’s no excuse not to get out there and start moving!