23rd Mar 2020

Free online #Pungra workouts

Amie Mills

By Get Active, in partnership with #pungra 

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world, a group called #pungra, based in Southall, UK, are calling on the South Asian community to stay in and work out. #pungra provide a great example of how activity providers can educate people to exercise from home. Find out more about #pungra below!

Image taken from #pungra Founder’s Twitter page.

What is #pungra? 

#pungra is a movement about movement, inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra. 

Their founder, Ravi Sandhu has developed techniques adjusted from the YMCA’s Exercise To Music certification to help make the video tutorials easy to follow.  The small team create workout videos and place them onto YouTube.  Having started in 2015, the videos have attracted almost 2 million views through organic growth, and a following of more than 20,000 people worldwide. from India, the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.  

Meet #pungra

Polly (53) is known by the #pungra community as the ‘Pink Aunty’,  both because she wears pink but also because so many people leave comments such as “wow, Pink Aunty is fit, I hope I can be as fit as her when I am her age”. Polly loves  #pungra because “it is easy to follow but also has really intense parts”. 

Jagpreet (38) has been attending #pungra classes for more than 2 years and told the #pungra team:  “I don’t feel confident as a dancer, so the #pungra concept is perfect for me. Working out to the music regardless of dance techniques or skills is so refreshing. I help with as many videos as I can”.

Henna (33) also told #pungra, “I moved to Southall from Mauritius in 2015, I am not even Indian and definitely not Punjabi. I am big on fitness and love all types of group exercise classes. When #pungra gets intense, I get happy. Even happier knowing that people all around the world are exercising at home, because of these videos”. 

Check out some of their workouts below, or head to their YouTube channel


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