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What is Hockey?

Fast (not always) and exciting, hockey is a fun team game. Two teams of up to 11 play against each other, on a grass or turf field, but it can also be played indoor if that’s your thing! A team is made up of different positions, like goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and attacker. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’d be best suited to – hockey is a social sport, where all players have an important part to play, and a new club will always help you work out where you’ll fit in. Hockey players each have a hockey stick, to hit a small ball around the field. Playing with a stick, also means you can push and also flick the ball too – good for getting around the other team! The aim is to get the ball into other team’s net to score a goal; the more goals the better.

What are the benefits?

  • A whole body workout with a team, so you might not even feel like its exercise!
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Makes your communications skills better – you’ll get great at reading your team members gestures
  • There’s a position for everyone to play

What will I need?

You just need sportswear and some trainers or astro/hockey boots. Shinguards are important too. Some sessions might provide a hockey stick for you to borrow, but check before you go. If you get really into it, you’ll want to get your own stick.

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Find out more about Hockey

If hockey could be your thing and you want to read more about it, just go to England Hockey’s website.