20th Mar 2020

Move face-to-face classes online

Amie Mills

By Get Active 

Many gyms and physical activity classes around the UK close their doors following official government advice around the coronavirus. In the midst of the outbreak, staying active is more important than ever right now.  In the digital age, there is so much you can do as an activity provider to make sure that your classes are still accessible for clients. Read some of our recommended streaming platforms to help you move your face-to-face classes online. 

Working up a sweat and staying healthy while stuck at home can be difficult — but not impossible. As an activity provider, you can easily keep your clients moving: live-stream and record digital classes so that your clients can join in from anywhere!

Online workouts, either live-streamed or from a digital library, are designed to make use of space, offer variety, and turn almost any environment into an instant gym.

There are many free platforms you can use to live-stream or upload your workouts to. Here is a short list of platforms we recommend you trying. 

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Facebook Live  

Facebook Live is an easy way to live-stream your classes. All you will need to do is set up your phone so it can fully capture your workout (we recommend placing it on a tripod). Open up Facebook on your device and either post on to your profile or into a selected group. Select the red ‘Live’ button underneath when you post.  Write the title of the session being taught and then start your class!

While doing your workout, we recommend that you commentate your movements as you would in a regular class so that your clients can correctly and easily follow along with the movements. 


YouTube allows you to upload pre-recorded videos to your channel, as well as live-streaming. 

Access to your videos can be public, private or unlisted. For example, you could share the link exclusively to your regular clients. 

To live-stream, go to ‘Creator Studio Tools’ then ‘Live Streaming’. You may need to wait for 24 hours to get access to live streaming the first time you attempt it. 


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 Instagram IGTV 

Upload pre-recorded videos to your own IGTV ‘channel’. From there your followers – or in fact anyone – can view them.

Before you can upload a video to IGTV, you need to create your channel!

Step 1: Sign in to the IGTV App.

Step 2: Click on the settings gear icon in the right hand corner, and then click “Create Channel”.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to upload your videos.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android


Essential equipment for making your videos 

  • A mobile phone or web cam. If you are using your mobile phone, we recommend that you have a full battery or keep the phone plugged in as videoing can drain your battery very quickly!
  • A strong wi-fi connection
  • Recommended: Tripod (to keep your phone balanced).

Free webinar 

London Sport arranged a free webinar delivered by Marie Page and Carlton Jefferis from The Digiterati focused on ‘Transferring Activity Classes Online” on Thursday 2 April.

Marie shared her top tips for transferring your face-to-face classes to an online setting, examining the choice of platforms available and with recommendations from her own experience as a yoga teacher and digital marketer.

If you were unable to join the webinar, you can find a recording of the session at the link below. 

Free Webinar: Transferring Activity Classes Online – Thursday 2 April at 2pm 

Screen capture from The Digiterati website.


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