22nd Nov 2019

How to make sustainable changes

Chris Norfield

By Get Active

Making any change in your daily life, such as getting active, can be challenging – the next thing is to make it a habit. If getting active is another job on your to-do list, chances are it won’t be sustainable. If you find something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good and you can easily fit in your day to day living, you’re more likely to make a sustainable change.

We’ve compiled some top tips to help you get started:

There are a number of tips that can help you to get started. They’ll also help you stay motivated:

  • Set realistic goals. For example, rather than aiming for a set amount of weight loss, aim for a number of minutes per day. Just 10 minutes of brisk walking can get your blood pumping, improve your mood, as well as reduce your risk of long-term health conditions.
  • Keep a record of how active you’ve been. You can do this by using Active 10 app. The app is handy in that it tracks your walking to tell you when you’re walking briskly and how many minutes you’ve been doing it for.
  • Do it anytime. What’s great about walking is that it can so easily fit into your day. Whether it’s taking the dog out, walking on the school run, going for a lunchtime or daily walk, it’s one of the simplest ways to fit activity into your day.
  • Make it fun. We know getting active can feel like a chore. But there are plenty of ways to keep walking fresh and fun – invite your friends or family members along, walk to some music or mix up your routes, join a walking group.
  • Don’t be nervous. Everyone’s different but many people say they don’t like exercising because they feel nervous, uncomfortable, or generally unsure about the whole thing. The great thing about walking is that there is none of that, you can be confident that just by putting one foot in front of the other, you’re on your way to being healthier. 
  • Put it in your diary. This is obviously important to you or you would not have taken the steps to becoming more active, so make walking a priority in your daily life. Put ‘exercise appointments’ in your diary, at least for the first few weeks, until exercise becomes a habit.
  • Build up to 30. Walking briskly for 10 minutes is an excellent start to a healthier, happier you. But the more walking you do, the better. Why not work your way up to walking for 30 minutes every day? You might not be ready yet, but after using the free Active 10 app for a while, you’ll feel ready to change your goal and get even more active. Go for it.

If you think too much about the pros and cons of exercising, you may well talk yourself out of it. Just do it!

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Being active is about finding out what works for you. We can help you find loads of great activities to choose from, however fit (or unfit) you think you feel.