7th Aug 2020

3 apps to help you run with friends virtually

By Get Active, in partnership with the Sport Tech Hub

Over the last few months thousands of people have turned to running, to give it a go!

But there is no denying that the thought of going on a solo run at times can be very tough and perhaps not the most appealing.

There are a number of apps that can help you connect with people virtually, helping you turn your usual solo run into a virtual tribe.

Working in partnership with the Sports Tech Hub, we have compiled a list of our top 3 favourite virtual apps, that you can use when you’re walking or running outside. These apps will help keep you active whilst remaining connected and up to date with online friends and communities!

Strava allows you to track your activities such as walking, running and cycling by using GPS data.  It will also enable you to join online challenges, share activity photos and follow friends.

What we like about it

The social interaction of this app is great – it’s like Instagram but for exercise! This app will allow you to not only provide encouragement to your friends and family but to also receive it. Being able to see each other’s runs is a great way to remind yourself to be active! 

Image from Strava website.

Image taken from the Racefully website.

Racefully is an award winning social activity tracking app that enables you to exercise together virtually, whenever you want, whether you’re on the other side of the city or the other side of the world to a friend.

What we like about it

This app is great for interacting with friends whilst running or cycling. You can track your progression through unlocking goals and achievements, making your way up leader boards, and why not let others cheer you on through making these public!

Zwift is a running and cycling app that helps you blend your run with a fun, global community through immersive video worldsTrain day or night, rain or shine, from anywhere in the world.

What we like about it

This app allows you to jog, run race and ride any time in a fun and interactive way; with users around the world the Zwift community is always active! This app allows you to challenge and encourage other users. 

Image from Zwift website.

These apps could be the perfect accompaniment to the Couch to 5k app, helping you to connect with friends as you progress through the 9 week programme.


Being active is about finding out what works for you. We can help you find loads of great activities to choose from, however fit (or unfit) you think you feel.