24th Jul 2020

5 reasons to finally give Couch to 5K a go

By Get Active. 

Keeping active and looking after your mind and body is more important than ever right now, and it seems the coronavirus lockdown has spurred thousands of people to give running a go.

Since March more than 850,000 people have downloaded the free One You Couch to 5k app.

This app (developed by Public Health England and BBC Sport Get Inspired) is great for beginners, so don’t be put off if you haven’t exercised in a long while! 

We all know that exercise is good for us, but why specifically should we all just finally give the Couch to 5k app a go?

Here are 5 reasons to get started:

1. Improve your mood

Whether you’re feeling stressed with work, anxious about the current situation, feeling slightly de-motivated with working from home or just needing a little pick me up, nothing gives you an emotional lift like being active.  The “happy” endorphins that are released when you are walking or running helps you release tension and leaves you feeling a lot more relaxed and happier.

2. Setting and achieving a new goal

Are you searching for a new goal? Or wanting to achieve a sense of self-accomplishment? The Couch to 5k could be your ideal solution. With this app there is no way of getting it wrong, it all about getting you up and moving and going at your own pace. As the app states, “Every step is a success”. At the end of 9 weeks you will be able to go further than you have in ages, leaving you feeling empowered and confident.

3. Appreciate the outdoors

Now many of us are spending a lot more time at home or inside. 

It’s really important that we still try to get outside, even for a small amount of time. By taking part in the Couch to 5k challenge you will be scheduling in some well-deserved “you time” by getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and exploring your local area.

4. Improve your health

The most obvious benefit is that activity is good for your body. Moderate to vigorous activity is great for the cardiovascular system as it forces your heart rate to increase resulting in your heart becoming stronger. Running and walking are also weight bearing exercises so they are effective in strengthening your muscles and joints and burning calories. 

5. Fitting it into your day

Finally, what makes Couch to 5k so attractive? The app is free and unlike going to the gym or playing a game of tennis no equipment or booking is needed. All you need is to lace up your trainers and you’re ready to go, you can take part anywhere and at any time. 

Exercise alone or grab family and friends to join you (whilst staying a safe 2 meters apart) the option is yours.

So, if you have read the above and are left feeling slightly tempted and fancy a new 9 week challenge go and check out and explore further the couch to 5k app and remember each time you get your trainers on it’s a little win.


Being active is about finding out what works for you. We can help you find loads of great activities to choose from, however fit (or unfit) you think you feel.