20th Aug 2020

Guy’s Story

Keen to get into blind running but not quite sure where to start?  With the help of British Blind Sport we have taken the opportunity to share Guy’s personal story of how he got into running and where he is now.

British Blind Sport first met Guy at our Cambridgeshire Have a Go Day in 2018. At the event, Guy was introduced to the sport of guide running. He now participates in running every week and enjoys the freedom that running gives him.

“In spring 2018 I attended along with my wife and daughter one of British Blind Sport’s free taster events in Cambridge where I was able to try out a variety of sports including blind tennis and goalball. Prior to acquiring my sight loss, I was a very active sportsman playing either football or cricket weekly. The main reason for me stopping playing sport after sight loss was due to the lack of sporting events for blind people in my local area.

One event that I was especially interested in trying out was Guided Running’ which I had heard about but never had the opportunity to try. There were experienced sighted guiders who were there to support me to try this activity out. I really enjoyed the freedom of running and the physical exertion I had not experienced since my sight loss. The atmosphere of the whole event was very welcoming and not at all pre-judgemental of anyone’s sporting capabilities. I was encouraged and supported to try every event and my wife and daughter, who are both sighted were able to participate fully also.

Afterwards the sighted guiders spoke to me about doing this activity on a weekly basis at a Park Run event near to where I lived. A month or two later with the support of British Blind Sport I finally summoned the courage to contact a guide to go out running with me. The reason I had my reservations to contact a guide runner initially was because I was anxious about finding a suitable guide and also one that would accommodate my general lack of fitness at the time. I enjoy running with a guide so much that I now participate in a Park Run event every Saturday. Many thanks to British Blind Sport for supporting me to get into running.”

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