20th Aug 2020

Visually Impaired Running with British Blind Sport

Keen to get into blind running but not quite sure where to start? The next few blogs will explore visually impaired people’s stories around getting into blind running.

With the help of British Blind Sport and runners’ Agata, Guy and Dave we are doing a series of blogs to help inspire, motivate and provide useful resources on getting into blind running!

We will be following the runners’ journeys exploring how they got into running and where they are now, what resources they found useful and how running has benefited them. See below for a little sneak pre-view of what’s to come!


Agata’s university Disability Sports Officer introduced her to the Find a Guide database. When Agata first explored running she could not imagine running 5k and is now training for her first marathon!


British Blind Sport introduced Guy to a range of sports including blind tennis, goalball and running. Prior to Guys sight loss he was sporty and was keen to get active again. He now participates in weekly Park Run’s!


Dave used the Find A Guide database to find a guide runner only 3 miles away! At the start Dave found it hard to run 200m and has now completed the New York Marathon, almost a year on from his first Park Run!

What is Find A Guide?

Find A Guide is a database delivered by England Athletics in partnership with British Blind Sport into which visually impaired runners can enter their post code and find guide runners in their local area.

Visit Find A Guide’s website: www.findaguide.co.uk

Visit British Blind Sport’s website: http://britishblindsport.org.uk

Visit British Blind Sport’s upcoming events: http://britishblindsport.org.uk/events/


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