1st Mar 2022

Mini workouts from We Are Undefeatable

We know that when it comes to getting active, it’s all about finding what works for you. 

We Are Undefeatable is a campaign to support people living with long term health conditions to safely get active. They’ve created a range of resources and helpful tips online about getting started and finding ways to move.

five in five

This is a great way to fit little bouts of exercise into your day! You can create your own mini workout by choosing a workout below and do each exercise for 1 minute for a 5 minute mini-workout. Easy!

Warm Up

Mood lifting exercises

Stretching exercises

Strengthening exercises

My Daily Undefeatable Chatbot

You are not alone! Head over to We Are Undefeatable’s Facebook page and send them a message to discuss how you’ve been moving, how it’s made you feel and how you might move tomorrow.

If you are feeling ready to join a local or online activity class then you can search Get Active to find a session that is right for you.


Being active is about finding out what works for you. We can help you find loads of great activities to choose from, however fit (or unfit) you think you feel.