Yasmin is strong and loving it!

People were always telling Yasmine not to exercise. But she has stopped listening and has now made a career out of her favourite hobby. I’m Yasmine. I am 30 years old and I have three children who are aged 9, 6, and 2. My partner and I met when we were both in the military. […]

Simon rediscovers table tennis from a wheelchair

For Simon, losing his legs to diabetes completely changed his life. His first operation spurred a return to a sport he loved as a child. He shares how playing table tennis has kept him going through both amputations. My story I was always active growing up. I started playing table tennis at the age of […]

Jared finds a lifeline in weightlifting

For Jared, what started as an experiment to find a hobby where he didn’t have to hide that he was trans, turned into a lifeline for looking after his mental wellbeing. Weightlifting has helped him through depression and PTSD. Trying to be active growing up I am a transgender man. I transitioned over ten years […]

Sindhu learns to ride a bike in her 40’s

Sindhu learning to ride a bike

After becoming fed up of walking alone, Sindhu decided to learn how to ride a bike so she and her family could get active together. About me I’m Sindhu and I am over 40 years old. I was born in India on the southmost coast and I grew up and went to school there. Five […]

Carol takes the leap and joins a bootcamp

carol at a bootcamp

Carole, from Southampton, had always had her reasons for not joining a Bootcamp. She had preconceived ideas of what it would be like. But when lockdown forced providers to go virtual Carole saw an opportunity to take the leap from home. Now she wishes she had started sooner.

Doreen gets active with a lung condition

Doreen cycling after attending Breathe Easy session

Doreen, from the Isle of Wight, shares how by taking small steps and having the right support from Breathe Easy, she was able to get back to being active after developing a lung condition.   Doreen’s story At three years old I caught measles. Since then I have always had some breathing problems. But I […]